August23 – September 22
Mutable Earth
Ruling Planet: Mercury
Key phrase: I analyze

Keywords for virgo

Positive traits: Industrious, Methodical, Clean, Human, Scientific, Studious

Negative Traits: Critical, Petty, Melancholy, fears disease and poverty, skeptical

You are efficient, pay great attention to detail, and can thoroughly express ideas. You are fond of learning and have a flair for managing and classifying information. You are responsible, enjoy routines, and like to be useful and productive. Great at prioritizing they know what needs to be done now, and what can be put off until later. You may be a worrier, but you are not easily discouraged. Sometimes Virgos can be known to sweat the small stuff, so they can miss the overall beauty of something, because of one small flaw. They will obsess over it and they are concerned that everything works properly and well. People may see you as controlling or criticizing because you demand nothing less than perfection, you hate chaos. Virgos love to organize everything, even parties, they don’t even mind cleaning up the mess afterward. Sometimes you may feel anxious due to your indecisiveness.


Problems with small intestine, duodenum, ileum and spleen, liver, pancreas, upper bowel could be some health issues Virgo may face.

famous people with the Sun in virgo

Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Keanu Reeves, Prince Harry, Amy Poehler, Michael Keaton, Pink