Planets & Rulership

The planets are like actors in your chart, it depends on which house and sign they are in, on how they will influence your life.

The sun and moon are called luminaries. They are referred to as planets in Astrology to make it simpler.

Moon – the moon takes 28 days to complete its cycle.The moon in your chart represents your mother, wife, females in general, moods, instincts, feelings, fluctuations, reflex actions.

It rules liquids, commodities, sailing, brewing, nursing, tradespeople, and the public in general. Where you find the moon in your chart shows where you might experience some ups and downs. The moon fluctuates and changes.

Mercury – Mercury takes 88 days to orbit the sun

Mercury in your chart represents your ability to communicate, intellect, awareness, rationalization, words, deals with short trips, brothers, sisters, children, speaking, writing, bookkeeping, neighborhood activities, letter and mailings. Mercury in your chart tells you where and how you communicate best.

Venus – takes 224 1/2 days to complete its orbit of the sun.

Venus is the planet of Love. It represents pleasure, enjoyment, how we relate to others. Venus’s action is joyful and harmonious. So, where you find Venus in your chart, can show what things you love to do, or how your give and receive love. Venus rules art, culture, aesthetics, possessions, partners, jewelry, paintings, singing, drama and music. Venus in your chart shows what you really enjoy.

Sun – takes one year to complete the cycle of the Zodiac

The sun shows us the main expression of an individual. Shows leadership qualities and success. It represents the masculine principle, the father, husband and men in general. Sun rules health, vital principles, authority, bosses, title, high office, sense of identity, where you find Sun in your chart is where you want to shine.

Mars – takes 22 months, almost 2 years to complete one cycle of the Zodiac

Mars is the planet of war. Mars action is sudden, self-assertive and disruptive at times. It shows our animal nature, desire and sexual energies. It deals with ambition, power, strife, competition, death, work. Mars rules surgery, operations, weapons, war, accidents, inflammation, wounds, cuts, burns, scalds, violence, tools, iron, steel. Mars in your chart may show where you are courageous, your fighting way, or where you expend your greatest energies.

Jupiter – Takes about 12 years for one cycle, Jupiter goes through about 1 sign per year.

Jupiter is the planet of growth and abundance. Rules wealth, leisure time, big business, growth, indulgence, prosperity, sports, luck, long-distance travel, hunting, a fondness of animals, height. Where you find Jupiter in your chart shows where you may have good fortune, and where you spend your leisure time.

Saturn – takes 28 – 30 years for one cycle.

Saturn’s action is slow and lasting, it is known as the planet of restrictions and limitations. It rules, discipline, responsibility, organization, ambition, limitations, sorrows, delays, older people, timing, tradition, conventionality, wisdom and aging. Saturn in our chart shows us where our insecurities might lie, and where we might overcompensate.

Uranus – Uranus takes 84 years to complete one cycle. It takes approximately 7 years to go through one Zodiac sign.

Uranus is the planet of change and liberation. Recent research shows an association with Uranus and natural disasters, especially earthquakes. Uranus rules inventions, originality, science, light, astrology, psychology, airplanes. It is also associated with creative will, revolutions rebellions, it is the planet of sudden change. Uranus in our chart can show us where you might tend to do the unusual.

Neptune – Neptune takes 165 years for one cycle

Neptune’s energy can be felt gradually, it takes a long time to complete its cycle, unlike the moon or the sun. Its changes are sometimes hard to notice, very subtle. Neptune rules maritime matters, liquids, music, movies, illusion, delusion, spirituality, dreams, mystery, and second sight, It also rules drugs and drug addictions, alcoholism, hypochondria, hypnosis, trances, and sleep-walking. Where you find Neptune in your chart shows where you might tap into, to find your creativity. Or it might show us what you want to escape from.

Pluto – Pluto takes 248 years to complete a cycle.

Pluto is about regeneration and transformation. Pluto rules the underworld, and it governs the masses. It also rules phobias, obsessions, beginnings and endings. birth and death, conception, isolation, coercion, disappearances and kidnappings, bacteria and viruses. It exposes what’s behind the scenes, things that have been developed secretly or undercover. To solve some of the little complexities in life, you might look to where Pluto is in your chart. It is a place where you have to solve your problems by yourself.

Earth– to look for Earth in your chart. It is opposing your sun sign. It can represent your mission in life.


Each sign is ruled by a planet.

Sign                                    Ruling Planet

Aries                                      Mars

Taurus                                  Venus

Gemini                                 Mercury

Cancer                                  Moon

Leo                                         Sun

Virgo                                     Mercury

Libra                                      Venus

Scorpio                                 Pluto

Sagittarius                           Jupiter

Capricorn                             Saturn

Aquarius                              Uranus

Pisces                                    Neptune