February 19 – March 20
Mutable Water
Ruling Planet: Neptune
Key phrase: I believe

Keywords for pisces

Positive traits: Compassionate, charitable, emotional, sacrificing, intuitive, musical and artistic

Negative Traits: Procrastination, over-talkative, melancholy, timid, impractical, often feels misunderstood.

Pisces is truly one of the most passionate and kindest signs of the Zodiac, they want to make the world a better place, they can’t stand to see anyone suffer, they have compassion and empathy. They are not judgemental and believe that everyone is equal. Pisces at times can be weak-willed, so they can be easily influenced, and led astray. Pisces people have strong escapist tendencies, they want to avoid anything crass or unpleasant in life, so this can lead to an addictive personality. They are very intuitive, creative, and have vivid imaginations. Pisces people do not fair well when under pressure, they can become overwhelmed at times, and retreat into their fantasy worlds .Life can sometimes be a challenge for them, as they make decisions based on emotions rather than rational thought. Pisces are happy when they are in a loving relationship. They will do anything for the people they love. They usually do not think of themselves first, they put everyone else’s needs above their own. Some people will even try to take advantage of their loving caring nature. Charity work is good for the compassionate Pisces.


Pisces feet seem to cause the most issues. They can be very emotional at times, which can lead to mental health issues. Circulatory issues are also another problem.

famous people with the Sun in pisces

Ron Howard, George Harrison, John Heard, Chuck Norris, Steve Jobs, Andy Gibb, Elizabeth Taylor, Johnny Cash, Stormy Daniels, Albert Einstein.