Houses in Astrology

In Astrology each house has a meaning,

There are 12 houses.

More than 1 planet can be in a house.

One or more of your houses, may not have any planets in them. 

If the house sits empty, it just means that this area of your life does not have to be focused on, as much as the occupied houses.

Brief Description of the Houses

  • 1st house (house of life) Keyword: Identity, Ego, the person the chart is about. New beginnings.
  • 2nd house – (house of substance) your resources, material possessions, money, banking, finances, values, freedom.
  • 3rd house- (house of relationships) Communication, speaking, writing, siblings, networking, contacts, short trips.
  • 4th house – (house of endings) Home, family, origins, parents, private life, later part of life.
  • 5th house – (house of life) Children, love affairs, pregnancy, fun and games, sports, creativity.
  • 6th house – (house of substance) your work, health, habits, aunts and uncles, service given.
  • 7th house – (house of relationships) partnerships, marriage, divorce, contracts, lawsuits, open enemies, Dealings with the public and their response.
  • 8th house – (house of endings) support you receive from other people including financial, morals, physical and spiritual. legacies, trusts, wills, taxes, sex, death.
  • 9th house – (house of life) Adventure, long trips, higher learning, religion, law, your dreams and visions, psychology, philosophy, grandchildren, in laws.
  • 10th house – (house of substance) shows your profession, reputation, and your standing in the community. fame, status, ego, ambition, promotion, how the world sees you.
  • 11th house – (house of relationships) friendships, communities, organizations, clubs. goals, hopes and wishes.
  • 12th house- (house of endings) shows your hidden strengths and weaknesses, secrets, indicates places of confinement, hospitals, jails, mental institutions. hidden dangers, clandestine affairs.