May 22 – June 21
Mutable Air
Ruling Planet: Mercury
Key phrase: I think

Keywords for Gemini

Positive traits: Curious, congenial, expressive, quick-witted, literary, inventive.
Negative Traits: ungrateful, scatterbrained, restless, scheming, lacking in concentration, or lacking in follow-through.

Gemini is a communication sign, they are versatile, flexible, adaptable, and they love diversity. They are not goal-oriented people. They prefer to gather up all kinds of information, but let other people decide what to do with that information. They love communicating in any way, texting, writing notes, memos, letters. They are like butterflies flitting here and there. They are great at making connections, as they use their powerful networking skills Gemini’s have an experimental attitude, and they try not to take things too seriously. Commitment shy, whatever the situation, they tend to keep their options open. Gemini’s can be compared to a juggler, except they are juggling people, places, time, and ideas. If a person’s chart shows a lot of planets in Gemini, they may be good with language and learning different languages. Gemini is a sign that is associated with youth. like children, they need variety and stimulation.
Geminis have a dual personality, a light and dark that exist side by side. Although Gemini has infectious humor, when not on the lighter side of their thinking they can get depressed. The worst thing for a Gemini is to feel bored or trapped.


The lungs, collar bone, hands, arms, shoulders, and nervous system are where Gemini might find some health issues exist.

famous people with the Sun in gemini

Marilyn Monroe, President John F Kennedy, Errol Flynn, Morgan Freeman, Johnny Depp, Bob Dylan, Angelina Jolie.