December22 – January 19
Cardinal Earth
Ruling Planet: Saturn
Key phrase: I use

Keywords for capricorn

Positive traits: Responsible, cautious, scrupulous, conventional, business like, practical, hardworking, serious.

Negative Traits: Stubborn, brooding, domineering, unforgiving, status-seeking, egotistical, the mind rules the heart

Capricorns are ambitious, strong-willed, serious, and dedicated. Life may appear difficult, but you will almost always come out on top. You are responsible and practical. Capricorns are willing to work hard for anything they want, self-esteem is very important to you, and you have to feel that you earned your position. You have a serious mind and are cautious in your dealings until you know the score, you will not commit yourself. Around strangers, you are often quiet and reserved. Once you get to know someone you are lively, friendly, warm, and expressive. It is important to you to feel that your life is meaningful. You are reliable, dependable, and stable. You have an active mind, you’re a quick thinker, and have a great ability to concentrate. Capricorns are born worrying. You worry about life, middle age you worry about success, and in old age, you worry about death. You are loyal and protective and go out of your way to help people. Sometimes you are jealous and resentful, but you hide those characteristics very well. You will not forgive someone who has done you wrong. Management, consulting, accounting, financial planning, business executive, would be good careers for you.


Usually have good health, but worrying can lead to illness. Problems with knees, bones, joints, and lower limbs.


Faye Dunaway, Richard Nixon, Jordin Sparks, Finn Wolfhard, Kit Harington, Jared Leto, John Legend, Denzel Washington, Seth Meyers.