June 22 – July 22
Cardinal Water
Ruling Planet: Moon
Key phrase: I feel

Keywords for cancer

Positive traits: Sensitive, domestic, helpful, sympathetic, emotional, traditional, great memories.
Negative Traits: Touchy, to easily hurt, negative, manipulative, lazy, selfish, and may even feel sorry for oneself.

Cancer’s symbol is a crab, it has that hard shell that protects its vulnerable interior. They are crusty and defensive on the outside, and soft and mushy on the inside. Cancer is a water sign, it has a receptive nature, and acts on emotions.
Cancers love their home, family, and the past. They have great money skills, maybe because they like to hold on to things and have a hard time letting go. They may be penny pinchers, or hoarders when it comes to money.
Even though Cancers can be defensive, they do have a soft side to them. They are sympathetic, sensitive, imaginative, and understanding. Protective of themselves, their families, and their country, they can be very patriotic. Cancers have a strong need to feel needed by people, and they are very sentimental. They can be very moody, but they usually tend to lean to be positive most of the time. They love to mother, nurture, and in general just care for all things. Cancer people like to have a clan or group they belong to, they would do anything for their groups, and they love to share humor with others.


Breast, stomach, upper lobes of the liver are some of the areas affected by health issues.

famous people with the Sun in cancer

Selena Gomez, Chris Pratt, Tom Hanks, Ariana Grande, Tom Cruise, Post Malone,