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My boyfriend doesn’t understand Astrology, he just looks at me with a blank face when I talk to him about it.  He watches Sun weather.  When you have sun weather he says, ‘did you know that people can have strokes and heart attacks?’ So there was my perfect chance to explain to him.  Yes like the Sun, the Moon, Pluto, Uranus, Neptune, etc.. all these planets affect us in different ways.   Moon is about emotions, where it is located in your birth chart, can show you where you might get emotional about things.  Uranus is a sudden change, rebellion, liberation.  it usually affects the masses, it is called a generational planet. 

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All my gemstones are from Canada.  Thunder Bay Amethyst, Sodalite from Bancroft, Ontario. Rose Quartz from Quadville, Ontario.  Agates, Jaspers and other stones from Nova Scotia.  All mined and polished by me.  There is a little bit of spirit in each and every bag. 

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